Zenmed Derma Cleanse review


Tired of all fake Zenmed reviews the internet is full of? Want to get an honest opinion whether it works for your acne?

Come. Let’s strip away, hype, paid reviews and marketing and see the results real people in the real world get.

In theory it looks good and should work for everybody. In theory. Enter the real world and things look a bit different.

Zenmed review: what other users say

Zenmed acne treatment

Zenmed Derma Cleanse System

I check a popular acne treatment review site on what other acne victims say about it. Based on 132 votes here are the results:

  • 3.5 out of 5 for effectiveness
  • 3.6 out of 5 for agreeability (whether users get side effects of not)
  • 3.0 out of 5 for price

So not too bad, and quite a bit better than Proactiv for example.

But you have to take these ‘consumer reviews’ with a grain of salt. Some of the comments looked a bit dubious. Probably written by people with interest to promote Zenmed.

It’s unfortunate, but it happens with most Zenmed reviews, actually it happens on most acne product review sites.

After weeding out the obviously paid reviews, here’s the impression I was left with.

For some people Zenmed doesn’t work at all, but for those that it works, it seems to work well. Most people report no side effects, such as drying of skin. Zenmed also seems to work quickly, often users see results within two to three weeks.

This is typical for ‘quick-fixes’. They work for some people but not for everybody.

Zenmed review: how it works

According to the website Zenmed works in three steps:

  • Herbal capsules that ‘fight acne at source’
  • Cleansing gel
  • Maintenance gel

Internal Derma Cleanse capsules

The Zenmed Derma Cleanse package comes with skin support supplements. According to the website these capsules regulate hormones, cleanse the liver and endocrine system and relax the nervous system.

Just for this Zenmed review I checked the ingredients in these capsules, and they do have some merit. Many of the herbs in the capsules have long history in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (Indian medicine). They have been used to treat ‘heat’ and ‘damp’ problems. According to these medical philosophies acne and skin problems are a result of too much heat or dampness.

In more modern terms these mean excess toxicity and inflammation.

Many of the herbs in Zenmed skin support supplements are said to lower androgen levels (big one for acne), reduce inflammation (another biggie), cleanse the digestive system and the liver.

All these are important for clear skin. So, in theory, these skin support capsules are great. In theory.

In real life… well… these are only pills.

Excess androgen levels, toxic body, congested liver and digestive system are a result of poor diet and lifestyle. You gotta to be really gullible to believe you can fix all those problems with a pill.

That said, the herbs in these skin support capsules might ease the symptoms (that’s why they are used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda). But since they do nothing for the root cause of these problems (diet and lifestyle) you can never be sure.

Since I want to keep this Zenmed review honest, I have to say that they may or may not work. Each person reacts differently, so it’s impossible to say in advance.

Zenmed cleansing and maintenance gels

Not much to write home about these. When you strip away the marketing hype topical treatments are topical treatments. Acne is an internal problem, so anything you apply on your skin only deals with the most superficial symptoms.

On a positive note, the gels contain mostly natural ingredients. That explains why many people experience few, if any, side effects.

Zenmed seems to be proud of their products, and I do believe these are high quality skin care products.

Sebum regulating moisturizer

When you buy Zenmed Derma Cleanse System you also get a small jar of ‘sebum regulating moisturizer’ as a gift.

I wouldn’t bet too much on this. Sebum production is controlled by several hormones (androgens and insulin as examples). Anything you apply externally cannot cause your skin to produce less sebum. The only thing this moisturizer can do is remove excess sebum. Then again you already have two gels in the kit for that.

Zenmed side effects

The company claims Derma Cleanse System has no side effects.

While its true that herbs and nutritional supplements are generally safe, this is not always the case.

But given that these herbs have been used for thousands of years you shouldn’t have problems with them. Certainly Zenmed has fewer side effects than chemical based acne lotions and gels. It’s also much safer option than antibiotics or Accutane.

None of the real people who wrote their Zenmed review reported any side effects.

What about refunds?

Zenmed comes with ’60-day no hassle guarantee’. It’s just that your definition of hassle free may be different than Zenmed’s.

I didn’t see any sales terms or refund policies at Zenmed’s site. That was a big red flag. Generally the ‘small print’ is a good sign of how the company really acts, as opposed to the promises at the sales letter. After searching the web for a while I found how the refund works.

Pretty standard stuff. You have to jump through few hoops to get the refund, but nothing major. I didn’t find any sign that they would deduct a ‘restocking fee’ or any other fees from the refund. So you should get 100% refund, minus shipping and handling.

There was one red flag though. The company must receive the product within 60 days. Most companies say you must ship it within the guarantee period. So in case of any postal delays, tough luck.

Overall I didn’t see too many people complaining about refund problems. The Better Business Bureau gives Zenmed a satisfactory rating. And all the complaints brought to BBB have been addressed properly.

So in case you have any problems complaining to BBB usually solves the problem.

Zenmed review: is right for you?

Please keep in mind that acne is a result of wrong diet and lifestyle. You cannot permanently cure acne with gels, creams or pills. For permanently clear skin you need to fix your diet and lifestyle.

My free minicourse Clear Skin Tips clearly explains why treatments like Zenmed cannot fix the root cause of acne (if you are interested subscribe below). They can only control symptoms.

That said, many people are not willing to make radical diet and lifestyle changes. If that rings true, Zenmed might be a good choice for you. It’s definitely one of the better acne treatments on the market. Many people report quick results with few side effects. So if you are among those Zenmed works for, it’s probably worth the investments.

Unfortunately nobody can tell you in advance whether Zenmed works for you or not. Quick-fixes are always a gamble. And because Zenmed is a quick-fix it won’t take care of the root cause of acne. So you probably have to keep using it for a long time.

Considering all this, if Zenmed seems like the right thing for you…

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Perla Mendoza @ 5:20 am #

Zenmed is the only product that has ever worked for me

I had moderate acne and these pills worked wonders for me. I noticed results in two weeks. I only purchase the pills and they help me maintain clear skin. Zenmed is the only product that has ever worked for me.

Anonymous @ 5:20 am #

Zenmed is terrible for Rosacea

I purchased the Zenmed Rosacea treatment and have used it for about a week and it has actually made my rosacea much worse.

I read all the reviews and they seemed to be positive, but I can say as an actual user that their rosacea products are not effective and possibly make the condition worse.

Suzzna @ 5:21 am #

Today I have Crystal Clear Skin

I suffered with moderate acne for years and this caused a lot of nervousness to me at work and social gatherings because I looked ugly with the acne all over my face.

After having used the Derma Cleanse Acne System, I managed to clear my skin of all visible traces of acne in 2 weeks time. I now maintain my skin by just using a gentle facial gel from Zenmed, which keeps my pores clear of dirt and oil. Highly recommended stuff for clearing acne quickly.

Tanya @ 5:22 am #

It’s an Amazing Natural Treatment for Acne

After finding no help by using countless acne treatment products, I was recommended this acne treatment by my cousin.

I told her that I have tried all the big brands and yet been suffering from acne since the last two years. She advised me to give it a try as she had seen its good results.

I tried it and must thank my cousin for recommending me this acne system. I cleared all traces of acne and zits from my face in a months time, without causing any har/damage to my skin.

The capsules really helped to keep my stress levels under control. I rate this as the best treatment I have used so far and highly recommend it for all who have lost hope in treating acne successfully.

Ronald @ 5:23 am #

Zenmed is expensive but nothing else worked for me

For once my dermatologist did something useful. He recommended zenmed for me. I had severe acne for over three months and I tried some natural treatments to get rid of it but wasn’t that successful.

My dermatologist recommended the zenmed derma cleanse system for me and it worked! I used it for about three weeks and after that all I had left was clean and clear skin. I stopped using it a month ago and still no sign of pimples.

Zenmed is a bit expensive but I would still recommend it since it’s the only thing that worked for me.

Mary @ 5:24 am #

Total scam

Please don’t buy into all the fake reviews about how well this product works. Zenmed is posting these reviews to increase the ratings.

This product was a complete waste of time and money.

I called their customer service line to get a refund after trying this product for seven weeks. They said there was no record of my purchase. It seems i’m not the only one who’s had this problem.

I did have more frequent breakouts while on Zenmed but I’m attributing that to the fact that I stopped my usual routine. Spectrojel, 2.5% Panoxyl and cetaphil moisturizer. These products have always worked really well for me so I’m going to stick to them from now on.

Anonymous @ 5:25 am #

Zenmed worked better than any other product

It worked the best for me than any other product to get rid of the red bumps which made me look ugly and nervous at social gatherings most of the time. It’s a must buy for all who have had devastating experience’s using other acne treatment products.

It’s a bit costly, but it worked for me. So it’s worth it.

Adult Acne Sufferer @ 5:25 am #

Zenmed did absolutely nothing for me

I used Zenmed and it did absolutely nothing for me. I was taking it for over 2 months and not one result. I should have returned it but, I guess their company plans on people not wanting to go through the trouble to bother with a return. I can not recommend something that did nothing for me except cost more money for acne products that don’t help.

The Truth hurts. Doesn’t it Zenmed?

Johnny @ 5:26 am #


Bought it, and well, it had no effect. Smelled nice though, but I was so disappointed.

Aaron @ 5:35 am #

The only thing that worked for me.

I used Zenmed skin care stuff to get rid of my acne problem that I had for years. I had tried all sorts of products from Proactiv to Accutane, nothing gave me the results their products have. Accutane worked for a while but got so horrible side-effects that I don’t want to use it again. I now use their cleanser and moisturizer and my skin has never been happier!

Peggy @ 5:36 am #

Zenmed made my acne worse

I used the Derma Cleanse System for months and it just made my acne worse. It’s also very expensive. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Katie @ 5:37 am #

It takes time to start working

I would highly recommend Zenmed product! I’ve been using the Zenmed for 10 weeks now and it works, just takes time. Everyone who wants quick fixes, remember patience is a virtue. So go ahead and give it a try if you like. Best thing I like is no known side-effects! Cheers…

Nick @ 5:37 am #

Works for me

I have been using the Zenmed products for about a month, and I have noticed a change in my skin. I have suffered from back acne for years, and this is the only product that I can see working. I would recommend Zenmed products to anyone with body acne, or anyone who just wants their skin to feel refreshed! Totally satisfied with product quality and results.

Paula @ 8:49 am #

My order with Zenmed has been outstanding for a month. No one answers my emails, the so called 24 hour support is non existent. The call in number for customer service was of no help. I plan to cancel my order. Anyone else have this problem?

Milo @ 7:28 pm #

Has not worked on me.

I have been using the products for two weeks now, and I do see more breakouts, but I am gonna assume that it was the result of bad sleeping habbit. For past one week, I had less than 7 hours of sleep and more caffin than usual.

I am gonna continue to use the products and try to have at least 8 hours of sleep and avoid caffinated drinks.

I will post another review.

JP @ 11:22 pm #

After chatting with a rep, I made the purchase and it burned by skin. Took 3 emails to get someone to get me the return information and as previously stated above……it is NOT 100% MONEY BACK.

Found my best fix Extra Virgin Olive Oil on cheeks at bedtime – apply – let sit 30 minutes and blot excess. A good bottle is less than 3% the cost of they ‘mix’.

hope24 @ 6:25 pm #

Very overpriced! Did nothing for me except make me break out in rash-like bubbles all over my chin, etc. I tried the product a few weeks before contacting Zenmed for return information to give it an honest try. When I contacted them they told me the instructions for returning product and when they would need to receive it by. I sent the products out the next morning, sure that 2 wks. would be enough time for them to receive it by their 60 day return policy. It was only after I contacted them again about my refund that they said I was now not going to get one because they didn’t receive the product until a month after I sent it. Their “people pleaser guarantee” is crap! The manager I spoke to was very cold and clearly had no interest in “pleasing” their customers.

June @ 11:01 pm #

I am on my 3rd day of using Zenmed for Rosacea. I have had some really positive results. My face was on fire, like a sunburn the first time I put it on and could feel results. I washed my face, then used the mask, which was drying, but the serum was so soothing, I loved it!!! I also use my regular moisturizer, because I have very dry skin all the time, but with Zenmed, the redness is looking good. I have high hopes for the maximum result I hope to see in the future.

lexi @ 6:04 am #


June meant that her face was on fire BEFORE she put the product on and saw results. This is common with rosacea to feel like you have a sunburn on your cheeks and obviously the product helped soothe the burning like it claims. It didn’t say she had acne but you’re right that burning isn’t good if you do.

Jill @ 12:14 pm #

Well June may have felt fire BEFORE she used the product. But I felt FIRE BECAUSE of the product.
The refund policy toted, is not what is told by the reps either.

chris cheseldine @ 6:36 pm #

you always go on about how it is all diet well for some it may be but you have also missed out the fact that it is the excess sebum and yes this can be caused by diet but it can also be caused by the hormonal imbalances that take place during puberty. your review are useful and i thank you for that but would you also include more about if it just sorts out the acne for that period of time because curing it from the inside will not work particularly for hormonal imbalance so please include this in later reviews

kelly @ 1:26 pm #

bought the product in dec. 2010 used it for two weeks and let me tell u, it does not work. well at least for me, i was breaking out more than usual. i
stop using it and got back on proactive. i dont know if its a scam or not but it works on other people. i still have my bottles full sitting in the bathroom counter. i didnt return it, i figured its too complicated.

Lisa @ 1:19 am #

I purchased the zenmed facial treament system for rosacea and all it did was give my complexion a funky tone as far as color goes. Im thinking about diluting it if I get the nerve to try it again. Another weird thing is that I got a bad after-taste in my mouth after using it. Mabey a medical problem that I should ask the doc about. Its great to do the healthy life-style thing, but for rosacea all it takes for an out break is the wrong weather. Im going try the zenmed supplements though because its hard to find supplements that are put together for rosaea.If my rosacea ever clears up from because of the healthy life-style I may beable to use zenmed on my face as pervention. I have no idea what the right solution is yet because even the right one takes time unfortunately. And no, did not eat the facial treatment-why the taste?

CaribbeanChic @ 12:35 pm #

ok..so i’ve read all the reviews on this page to get a better feel of the product before buying it.i have extremely sensitive skin,open pores,blackheads and scarring..i’ve tried everything..and everything burns,and makes my skin peel.my last dermatologist had to stop treatments because after each one my face would have swollen,purple patches.my sister has been using the micro dermabrasion system from zenmed and it seems to be working for her.i tried it twice,and unlike the proactive its actually gentle on my skin,with no drying,peeling or itching..but im still afraid of buying the derma cleanse for myself..help me!

Heather @ 4:20 am #

@Anonymous: I found the complete opposite – the zenmed rosacea products were the only products I’ve ever used without any side effects like further redness or drying. I still use the serum now but only a few times a week because my redness is mostly gone.

Jenn @ 4:23 am #

@kelly: This can cause an initial breakout so if u only use it for a few weeks then u will not get the best results. it clearly says in the site where u buy it that u will start seeing results in about 4-6 weeks the pills take a while to work. if u think anything is going to work in 2 weeks u are crazy that’s like trying to loose 50 lbs in 2 weeks!

Noah @ 3:12 pm #

Man, I was so looking forward to trying the zenmed rosacea treatment, all the reviews seemed really good. But then I looked into it more and found out that the majority of the reviews were actually bad, and the rest just seemed to be fake. I actually came across the exact same reviews a few times copied around various sites usually by anonymous users. So I’m not sure whether to go about it as a scam or not, I am so sick of this redness on my face and I’ve been using noritate cream but its not doing much. I’m also dieting. School starts up soon and my goal was to get clear skin over the summer so I wouldn’t have to go through another year embarrassed about my skin, but two months down of trying and it is the same. :( I guess I’ll just go see my dermatologist again and see what she thinks. Because the noritate isn’t helping much and my gut is telling me this is a scam, so I dont feel confident spending nearly 100 dollars of my money on it. Having rosacea at age 15 stinks… these are supposed to be the best years of your life.. and I spend them hiding at my house trying to find an honest product that will subside the horrible redness problems.

Jaco @ 11:37 am #

hi, i have meen using zenmed roscea treatment for a 3 monts now,on amd off-for redness in my face-i can tell you that it works, my skin feels much better,less flair-ups!

Christina @ 4:56 am #

I did use their acne products a while back and did notice quite a significant difference in my skin. like some of the posters here have noted it is true that you do have to give it a while to work,luckily i was given a heads up by the friend who recommended this to me so i persevered through about 5 weeks of extra breakouts and then my skin was pretty good after that.

so when i was lucky enough (sarc) to be diagnosed with rosacea i turned to their product line again and this time it was even better-the rosacea serum worked almost immediately and completely got rid of the redness.

so yes i guess this wont work for everyone but i think it is a good idea for a safe alternate to prescription meds. i think you should give it a try for acne and i highly highly recommend it for rosacea.

ps – i do not work for the company or know anyone there, nor was i paid. i am just a consumer who tried a lot of products for my acne and deals with all different skin problems.

Rikki @ 3:52 pm #

I just realised reading reviews is a waste of time! Everyone is different, which means no single product is going to work for everyone. Some people could be allergic without knowing and that’s why they break out even more, and others could just be lucky that they are compatible with the product. So the best thing to do is to forget all the real and fake reviews and try things for yourself. Acne is debilitating, so the initial outlay of money has got be worth the risk… because after all if they say money back guarantee and you’re not happy, then by-golly you get that money back!!

Dj @ 1:22 pm #

I am 22 years oldI have moderate acne, i’ve had them for about 1.5 years. I get them mainly around my mouth and on the chin, but the worse are the ones on my jaw line the underskin ones that hurt and become infected. I have tried everything, i am very active and have always been eating healthy. I started my zenmed derma clear 8 days ago, in the first 2 days it looked like the pimples on my jaw line were calming down and looked less red and infected. Ans since them i probably woke up with a new pimple every morning. It feels like my acne is getting worse,i dont know if i have to through get worse stage before i get better but so far no results i know its still early.

James @ 12:23 am #

Just like to say I feel rather disgusted by all the fake reviews and scams and feel oblidged to comment to let people know.

Why would there be fake reviews of people saying how bad ZENMED is? I dont understand why that would happen? Could someone from this site find a suitable explanation for that please.

Also how can I be sure that this is an honest website and the others are fake. Where do you get your credibility from? Sorry but all the conflicting views on the internet has made me very skeptical

Would be great if someone could get back to me on this


sebano @ 7:59 am #

To absolutely honest, the only thing that cleared up my acne was Roaccutane. I tried every EVERY natural way to heal my acne. Nothing worked. I had serious cystic acne for over 2 years and then went to a dermatologist and he prescribed Roaccutane. I never actually wanted to go on it as I thought it was too heavy a drug and not at all natural and didn’t want any side effects. But you know, I had tried everything natural I could. I used Herbalists, talked to everyone I could about it.

Then tried antibiotics for acne prescribed by my GP, and nothing. I was just over it and couldn’t handle feeling crappy about it anymore. If anyone on here knows about Roaccutane, you know it flares your skin up when starting on it, then settles, then flairs to a lesser extent, then settles and so on until you no longer have acne. I was on a 6 month course, and it was completely gone. Nothing left. The worst thing that came from it was having dry skin and dry lips. It was advised to not get sunburnt or be in the sun for periods of time etc (which you shouldn’t be doing with acne anyway) The only issue I have now is I have a few scars from having cystic acne for years. My skin is clear but I have some slight scaring and want to find something that can heal scars.

Anyway, back to before, I want to tell people with acne I see on the street to use Roaccutane. I believe in it that much. I wish I went on it earlier.

sebano @ 8:06 am #

Whoooa whoa. Wait up, I may as well say the big brands that I used. Proactive made my skin horrible. Dry, sore and just plain uncomfortable. I know friends who have used it and it worked, for a temporary time though. I think it’s an ongoing treatment and if you stop, the acne reappears. I was also using Benzac wash. That was horrible on my skin and made it pink and dry. It has some bleaching effect and did not help. I was also on prescription topical creams and gells. Both for redness and one for the actual pimple. Neither worked. They were also quite expensive. But seeing how this is a natural website you may not have used them.

Anyway, Roaccutane. I really suggest you guys try it. It’s a bit pricey but it worked for me and a lot of people I know.

sebano @ 4:00 am #

Aha, what he said.

Cindy Brinkman @ 1:44 pm #

@Lisa: Lisa, the only thing that helped me get rid of rosacea was a gluten free/low gluten diet. I had an intolerance to gluten…..

Stephanie in UK @ 9:00 pm #

Zenmed is so rubbish i am dedicating the same amount of time from a busy life they took from me trying to get a refund. When the solution came to my door , 3weeks after purchase, my face became burning red on fire, broke out with spots, and swelled up like a balloon. I returned the solution early October, and after chasing them almost day after day for weeks, i got a refund. They would only put it on paypal, which aldo cost me money. Clinque for red skin is even better than Zenmed, in pure and natural Nivea for 5 pounds was even better.

Stephanie in UK @ 9:02 pm #

I need to add I didnt get the refund until mid December – after having returned it early October.

Iso @ 7:08 pm #

I also agree that it is a big rip off. I didn’t start getting acne until I was 25 then I’ve tried everything under the sun since. Zen med almost being the worst. It made my acne worse and dried the hell out of my skin! So badly I couldn’t put makeup on and had to use a ton of moisturizer just to get rid of the tightness…horrible save your money. Clinique products work pretty well as does regular old clean and clear.

lAURA @ 8:13 pm #

I have always had red pigment in my face. Recently I had a baby and not sure if it was change in hormones or what but my face got drastically worse. I had the real red face, dryness and the white bumps to boot. No skincare was working and a friend suggested I had rosacea. So I got online in search of the perfect product and alas I found Zenmed. I hadn’t tried any other skincare for rosacea so I don’t have anything to compare it to but let me tell you my face is sooo much better. Redness is diminishing, dryness is gone and so are the dreaded white bumps. I ordered the rosacea line for oily skin. Everything about my skin is better and I would recommend this line to anyone. Now I’m patiently waiting for them to produce the perfect eye cream:)

Elizabeth @ 5:14 am #

@hope24: Very strange, I had gotten my product later also and when I contacted them about it not working for me, I received a refund for products. Maybe you were just being rude.

Alex @ 10:47 pm #

Hi guys,

I have been on the Derma Cleanse caps for two months taking 3 – 4 per day and I confirm it does work. However, do not expect a result in two weeks.

It is even possible that you could breakout initially since the product is seeking to balance your hormones and the over active sebaceous glands.

I noticed a definite improvement on week three. I have been clear after this point. However, I have radically changed my diet organic/free range/gluten free, been working on my stress levels/state of mind and the assessing the products I use on my skin.

So for those who doubt the product works do not expect an immediate result because that is just not going to happen. I would also say do not expect magic if everything else you are doing is wrong. For example if you are stressed 24/7, not getting quality sleep and downing Macie dees then Derma Cleanse is going to have a limited impact since the body is not a simple matter.

One more point I do not work for Zenmed. If I thought it sucked I would definitely tell you….


Mary @ 5:49 am #

Dear author of this text, it is not true that acne are a product of lifestyle and diet. They are a product of genes. So many people live healthy lifestyles and still have acne, and so many are obese but do not have any acne. Please review your post, and in the future check the information you’re posting.

MJ @ 4:07 am #

@Noah: Hey Noah, i’m going crazy trying to find something that works for rosacea. Tried so many things and nothing seems to work. From all the research i conclude that antibiotics work (don’t want to spend my life on it -pretty much the only option) and the laser surgery -would have to do it frequently $$$. However, i just started applying “prosacea” cream today that i got at CVS for $8. It’s a sulfur gel and it kinda smells, but i think i see positive changes (i can let u know how it goes). Read a bunch of reviews on amazon about it (mostly positive), but all i’ve seen is scam so far so i’m skeptical. Can’t tell you how much i want this to work. I wanted to give it a shot before purchasing zenmed and im glad i ran into this site. Scary how people have no integrity and are more than willing to cheat and deceive the desperate ones to make a $.

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