Infrared sauna and acne


“My friend cured his acne using infrared sauna. Do you think they are an effective treatment for acne.”

Recently I got that email from a reader. I’ll answer it on this page.

What is infrared sauna.

Traditional saunas use hot air to increase your body temperature and induce sweating. Infrared saunas use IR waves to do the same thing.

So they work a bit like a microwave.

Saunas have a long tradition in fold healing in Scandinavia – and especially in Finland. Intense sweating that happens in sauna is said to cleanse and detoxify the body.

IR saunas are popular in the alternative health field precisely for the same reason.

Can infrared saunas help with acne?

I believe they can – but not the way they are promoted.

IR, and traditional, saunas can help with acne because they make you sweat. As sweat flows through your skin glands it “flushes” out dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. In that way it keeps your skin pores open and fresh.

As a detox method I think IR saunas are quite useless.

Detoxification is a process that’s controlled, manages and run by the body. You cannot force the body into detoxification.

Sure intense sweating can remove toxins that are already in your bloodstream. But most of the toxins are stored in fat and muscle tissues. No amount of sweating is going to remove those.

The only way to get rid of those toxins is to give the body a chance to throw them out. With that I mean to stop or reduce all forms of stress:

  • Digestive
  • Physical
  • Mental and emotional
  • Excess sensory stimuli

Detoxification happens the best when you are in complete stress. The more stress you place on your body the less it has time and resources available for detoxification.

Sitting in infrared sauna is anything but rest. In fact it’s quite enervating.

In summary, yes, it’s possible that infrared saunas help with acne. Not because they detox your body but because sweating keeps the skin pores open.

Still I wouldn’t recommend them as acne treatment. For two reasons. They are expensive and do nothing to the root cause of acne.

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