Common Sense Guide To Permanently Clear Skin


How to use natural treatments to once and for all put an end to acne.

Can getting clear really be simple?

Yes, it can. And in this page I’m going to prove it to you.

I know getting clear has been a struggle for you. It was like that for me too. That’s because most information about acne, what causes it and how to get over it is incomplete.

Common Sense Guide to Permanently Clear SkinWe are going to fix that here. I’m going to show you a very simple and common sense way to get permanently clear skin. You’ll also understand why nothing has worked before, and why none of the things you tried before could even work.

Sounds good? So, let’s get to it then.

Let’s start by trying to understand why nothing you’ve tried before. By understand what really causes acne you can easily spot solutions and treatments that cannot work. This saves you time and money and helps you to get clear faster, and I think we can both agree that’s a good thing.

On the physical side research starts to point to two main causes behind acne: insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.

Insulin resistance creates problems with blood sugar regulation and as a result your blood sugar levels can swing too much. I don’t want to go into detail here, but you can check the blood sugar and acne page for more.

Inflammation is the immune system response to an injury. When you sustain an injury and it later turns red, it’s a sign of inflammation in the area. It means that the body is repairing the damage, and inflammation is the first step in the repair process. Inflammation can also be a response to an internal injury, such as: free radical damage, exposure to chemicals or damage by bacteria and virus.

Together these two are what I call The Acne Engine.

Acne Engine: How inflammation and blood sugar problems cause acne

Acne Engine explains how inflammation and blood sugar problems lead to acne

Here’s the important truth number 1.

Together these cause a chain of events
that eventually leads to acne.

Insulin resistance (or blood sugar problems) leads to hormonal reaction that:

  • Increases sebum production
  • Causes skin cells to divide faster, so there are more dead skin cells blocking the pores
  • More sebum and more dead skin cells leads to blocked pores

Chronic inflammation:

  • Depressed the immune system
  • Bacteria can grow in the skin pores
  • Immune system attacks the bacteria and creates inflammation (redness in the pimples)

And what does that sound to you? Exactly. Acne.

Here’s the important truth number 2.

As long as the root cause for this chain of events is in place
trying to tinker with the events that happen later is useless.

That’s why none of the treatments you’ve tried before has worked. They try to ‘fix’ something in this chain without addressing the root cause. They are a bit like all those weight-loss pills and supplements. You can take as many fat blocker pills as you want, but as long as you eat more than you burn you are not going to lose weight.

Here’s the important truth number 3:

Insulin resistance and chronic inflammation
are lifestyle-related conditions.

This is where most acne victims go wrong. They keep searching for that one elusive cause for their acne. They believe that they can get clear by finding and eliminating the one thing that causes their acne.

But in most cases there is no one thing that causes acne.

The culprit behind acne is not liver congestion, it’s not Candida, it’s not clogged colon, it’s not lack of zinc, it’s not deficiency of urine on your face or any of the hundreds of crazy alternative therapies people try. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule, but they are few and far between.

Rather acne is a chronic condition. Think of it as a result of a slow wear and tear that has happened over the years.

Diet and lifestyle choices that are not suitable for your body lead to wear and tear. This wear and tear shows up as insulin resistance and chronic inflammation in your body, and ultimately as acne.

At this point someone always points to their friend who eats all the junk he wants, never exercises or does anything healthy. They say what about him? If this is true, then he should have a face full of pimples. You should see the unhealthy friend objection for more details.

How to cure acne permanently

The big picture of getting clear is really simple. It’s so simple that most people just refuse to believe it.

Here’s the important truth number 4:

Given the change your body will
reverse the damage and clear your skin.

By making correct diet and lifestyle choices your body starts reversing the damage. Over time it gets rid of insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. And this stops the chain of events that leads to acne, and you will get clear – permanently.

That’s it. It’s really that simple.

You don’t have to actually do anything to cure your acne. Your body is capable of healing almost any injury, and it certainly can clear your skin. You just have to give your body what it needs and step out of the way.

I know this sounds too simple, and too good to be true. That’s what Tracy thought at first. Here’s how drastically her skin changed in just 3.5 months.

Clear for Life results

Tracy is an example of how much your skin can change

The little-known mind-skin connection

There’s a little-known other side to acne also.

What happens in your mind can show up on your skin. Psychologists and dermatologists are beginning to understand just how much the mind affects skin diseases. There’s a subset of dermatology that studies the mind-skin interaction. It’s called psychodermatology.

We already know that stress is perhaps the most important risk-factor in acne. Stress affects your skin more than diet. Even the American Academy of Dermatology acknowledges this, from their Stress and Skin Factsheet.

When dermatologists treat both the skin and stress, the skin often clears more quickly and completely as the influences of stress are diminished.

American Academy of Dermatology
Stress and Skin: Factsheet

There is more to the mind-skin connection that just stress. But it can get a bit complicated, so I won’t cover it here.

How much your mind affects your skin changes from person to person. Acne is not the most ‘emotional’ of skin conditions. Practitioners of psychodermatology estimate that acne is 50/50 physical and emotional. For some people the influence of the mind is more important and for some people it’s less important.

As a rule of thumb, the longer you’ve suffered from acne and the less effective diet and lifestyle changes have been for you, the more likely your mind blocks your skin from healing. You should look for the influence of the mind especially if you already eat and live very healthy.

Next steps

So there you have it. The Common Sense Guide to Permanently Clear Skin.

I know this sounds too simple to be true, but that’s really all there is to getting clear. Most people make getting clear way too complicated. And those are the very same people that struggle to get clear.

So what’s next?

I recommend that you subscribe to my Clear Skin Tips newsletter. I share with you many more of these simple NON-secrets to permanently clear skin. You’ll also get some great tips you can put to action immediately.

Sounds too easy?

Well, what if it does work?

Here are my before/after photos. So it worked for me, and I’m sure this works for you too.

Seppo Puusa before and after Clear for Life

How applying these principles changed my life and skin

And here’s another set.

Seppo Puusa before and after Clear for Life

Results like this are possible when you really apply these principles

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Shannon @ 3:38 pm #

I just wanted to thank you for creating this website. I’m 30 years old and trying to put an end to this once and for all. I dramatically changed my lifestyle 4 months ago and have cut out almost ALL carbs, sugars, starches etc. I’ve also eliminated dairy over the last month. I eat nothing but fruit, vegetables and protein (except for the occasional slip up on the weekends) and although I’m used to my new diet, the stress of wondering if I’m eating the right things seems like it’s almost making things worse. LIke if I eat greasy tacos and drink beer on the weekend I stress over what I’ve just done..or I get angry sometimes that I can’t eat what I want or enjoy food and that stresses me out. It’s so frustrating. I’m also taking LOADS of digestive enzymes and probiotics along with zinc, evening primrose oil, lecethin, and B6. I’m SO tired of this and end up in tears on a regular basis now it seems like.

The cysts I was getting all the time seem to have gone away but I’m still broken out everywhere and it seems worse than before because I’m only using gentle natural stuff to wash my face and no proactive or anything similar (I use devita face wash and the sunblock and that’s it).

But the fact that I’m not getting cysts is encouraging…the only thing that’s encouraging. Anyway, I’m sorry, I”m just venting. But my POINT is that it’s helpful to see websites like this because it seems like the world would tell me I’m crazy for trying to solve the problem this way. My friends think I’m nutts and keep telling me to just take Accutane or just try this product or that product. But when I see something like this it makes me feel not so alone.

I’m considering microderm abrassion and wondered if you had any thoughts on procedures like that.

Thanks, I’ll keep reading.

Alex @ 8:35 pm #


I’ve read on numerous occasions that microdermabrasion and other similar treatments are not good for active acne as they only aggravate the condition and traumatise the already inflamed skin. It’s better to have it after the acne has cleared up to help maintain good condition of the skin. I tried it when I had active cystic acne (still have it) and it did nothing to help clear the spots up.Have you considered/tried laser?


bruno @ 8:57 pm #

I have simple tried everything. I eat healthy. I don’t intake anything sugar, fatty foods, and I refuse to have facial hair (chin strap, beard, mustache, etc). Still, I have had no success long term. I will get a nice stretch of clear skin and then, it just shows up. I recently noticed, spicy foods cause break outs. I’ve given up pop ages ago dating back to high school, juice due to its high sugar contents, pizza, pastas, anything containing gluten, etc The gluten free diet is the next thing I am trying to see what changes I make. I have started using digestive enzymes, probiotics, msm, vitamins, zinc supplements, aside from a variety of other items. I eat oat meal but, I am aware many are grown around and may have gluten on them due to being grown in wheat fields. I take a natural herbal stress reliever aside from many health products. I am using apple cider vinegar, fish oils as for omega 3s, and just eating a really clean diet. I’ve given up so much. I do not have severe acne but, I am in my adult years and still, I am struggling with this acne for some time since puberty on and off. I have been prescribed oral antibiotics but, I prefer being “all natural” and living an organic life style. I meditate and do yoga occasionally. I am reading many self help books and reminding myself I have a cure and this is simple. Some days, it is very depressing and difficult. I try to hold a strong mental frame but, it is so awful unfair. I see people stuffing their face full of unhealthy foods with no exercise. I’ve seen some videos on severe acne and pics online. I am not suffering from severe acne. I will get a bad blemish occasionally and as it clears up, something new comes up. Its so frustrating and I am trying to live a healthy life without resorting to acutane but I cannot go on like this much longer. I’ve given up dates and missed out on so much cause of this and if I were to be eating terrible, I could understand it. I am not though. I workout so vigorously, I wash up but, not abrasive or rough to my skin. I’ve tried the routine from but, nothing seems to work. I got demoxcyline and other oral antibiotics I have been give. I’ve contacted my doctor and a dermatologist. I just want to get this stuff fixed. I met an awesome girl a little while ago. Had I known I was broken out, I probably would have not gone but, I was so into her and I had to get to know her. We had fun. It went well but, it still is there. I am not sure what to do but, i feel seasonally depressed at times cause of this. Being a guy and wearing cover up is fucking gay but, its horrible at times. I am hoping this new info, self help, and all the nutrition focus + positive thinking resolve this.

NATASHA @ 4:35 pm #

Do you have an actual plan that we can follow that shows you specific foods to eat, foods to avoid, how often to eat to maintain blood sugar levels. I completely agree with everything you have wrote, but feel that i need to see food lists, etc. to clarify what foods are good and what ones are not.

Nick @ 9:00 am #

I agree, the article is titled “Common sense guide to clear skin” but doesn’t give any help, just explains how acne works.

shweta @ 11:08 am #

Hi! This website looks great. I was about to bu some “magical” products to cure acne but this website was very helpful and thanks to this website i did not commit suck mistake. My diet consists of eating lot of rice. Is this bad for acne? My acne is not very bad but may be rice has to do with it too??

Thank you very much!

Erin Miller @ 12:53 am #

Do you wash your face at all? Should I just use regualr soap to wash my face?

lavanya @ 7:52 pm #

Hi! I have been having severe acne for more than 15 years. I have severe acne on my back, face, chest and scalp. Like many people I have tried many things but nothing worked. Only from last 3 years I have been looking into my diet and observing the foods that seem to cause acne. The most difficult part was to food that causes acne. I have been avoiding dairy products and peanuts for a while now and have seen very little change and there seem to be lot more things that are causing acne. Recently, I started noticing that wheat is also causing acne. It is not difficult to avoid these things for a while but since I am a vegetarian there is almost nothing that I can eat when I am travelling or go out. It is becoming very difficult to keep up with that diet, so I really don’t see that great improvement in my acne. Is there any test that can tell what foods cause acne for you? Thank you

Hypnotherapist Birmingham @ 10:59 am #

Those really are amazing results. I tried everthing though and I am a 40 year old female, in the end Roaccutance worked like a dream it was such a relief it is a strong drug with side effects, but well worth it if you have suffered as long as I have.

Gary @ 1:05 am #

I have had acne for 20 years…. I have also been on cycles of antibiotics for approximately the same amount of time… 20 years. I am desparate to rid myself of acne. Please help.

Kate @ 8:54 pm #

I tried this guy’s low fat high carb idea and broke out like never before.

Rj @ 7:36 am #

Glad I found this link,I know it help me a lot. Hope you’ll answer my question. Is taking Vitammin C everyday helps my acne gone? I’ve been in healthy diet jogging and playing basketball,I’d quit drinking of alcohol in past 4 months and taking food supplements just to sopport my daily vitamin needs and now it lessen my acne well. Thank you.

Sonia @ 2:24 am #

I was wondering if puting vitamen E on your face will help it heal at all or will it make the acne worse? i have tried it and somedays i feel like it really helps heal some of the scars and sometimes it just makes me break out even more…any idea?

Kate @ 9:30 pm #

Aha, that makes sense then! :) @Seppo:

Tina @ 5:27 pm #

hi iv also had problem wit acne for 15 yrs. im 25. my face n chest clears sometyms but mostly i feel so awful esp. when im about to have my period or afta. seriously, itz so frustrating i dnt knw wat to do .

Arjun @ 7:33 pm #

Hey, I sweat more than usual people in most places in the body. I sweat also a lot in my buttocks region(the whole buttock region i mean). It makes me irritated and impatient. I feel like changing my underwear or wash that region with water and soap and dry it. This problem affects my personal life. Also very much worth mentioning is the boils, acne i get on the buttocks. Its been 10 years now, i m 27 now. I sweat a lot when i sit at one place for a long time or even if i take my dog just for a small walk or just go to a nearby market to get some general stuff. Now these acne keep coming and going, always there on my buttocks and also there are dark marks, blackish marks, acne scars, it looks gross. suggest me what should i do. (both for problem of sweating, acne, & also scars.)

Hannah @ 9:32 pm #

I’m a teen, and unfortunately I have acne. My mom and dad both had acne, and people tell me that because they had acne I have it too. I have used almost everything on my face from natural things like egg whites to products like Proactiv and nothing seems to be working for me! It gets really frustrating, and I have even went to my doctor. He gave me 2 types of gels and it may clear up my face a little, but i cannot seem to get a clear face. I’ve had acne since I was 10 and it’s really hard for me. I hope someday my face will clear up and I wont have to deal with it my whole life, but things aren’t looking to great. Thanks for the tips though! I will have to keep trying. :)

amanda @ 9:08 am #

I’ve had acne since I was about 10, and since I was 13 have been eating a completely healthy, natural diet which I enjoy, and I exercise everyday. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, but found that no products or lifestyle changes helped. The only thing that worked for me was taking the contraceptive pill. When I take it,my skin is perfect but if I don’t take it for a few days once again I’m covered in acne.

amanda @ 9:10 am #


None of the gels, etc my doctor ever prescribed me worked. Antibiotics didn’t either, only thing that did was the pill.

amanda @ 9:11 am #

To me that sounds like a fungal problem.

Claire @ 7:57 pm #

Hi, I used to have alot of acne but its almost completely gone, but instead I have an excessive amount of oil on my face as the day progresses. I think its called blocked pores, is there anyway to decrease the amount of oil on my face and to unclog my pores naturally?

Naseem Haidari @ 6:16 am #

@Seppo: Dear seppo thank you for your tips. it is useful but can you please send me or wrote here list of foods that are not good for acne skin?

Megan @ 6:32 pm #

Hi, I went to the derm yesterday, he advised me that I go on accutane, it probably will clear up the acne but it is such a strong drug that I don’t want to go on it. I have spent so much money on acne treatments; after reading up on everything of yours. The derm told me that it is completely based on genetics; my dad had bad acne as a young adult so it makes sense that I do too. Or is he wrong and do I need to just cut down on my carb intake and up the protein? I have face acne but it is bad all down my back and arms.
Thank you so much for your time :)

chris @ 5:56 am #

Hi Seppo, I was wondering if you have your book on print or is it only available as an ebook?

monica @ 8:08 pm #

@bruno: You should definitely try a gluten-free diet (and don’t eat oats until you’re sure they aren’t a problem – I react as badly to oats as wheat) as well as a dairy-free diet. I’ve had acne most of my adult life, and have only recently gotten rid of it by removing all gluten and dairy from my diet. It is such a travesty that many people ignore the role diet plays in acne and propogate information to the contrary. Good luck!

chris @ 8:04 am #

I have read your book, I think it is an awesome book with very useful information, and I know first hand that it brings results. I think I might just have the right contacts to get your book in print, I am excited to get this information out there for everyone. If you are interested in talking to me about this please don’t hesitate to email me.


melody @ 2:33 am #

Hi All
I just wanted to say that I have read all of your comments and find it interesting all the back and forth for accutane, birth control and diet. First, ladies I would just like to put what I know out there for you all. My acne started when I was 18. I am now 28. I did not have acne when I went on birth control when I was 16. Only when I went off birth control it was a disaster! Western doctors have had me on birth control to keep my acne in check but then would take me off because of the side effects I was experiencing. Long story short, this yo yo (even just once on then off is enough) threw my hormones off. I believe it disrupted my natural ability to produce my own hormones and because of it my body cannot regulate it’s own hormones. With this said, hormones regulate way more than just your sex drive etc. Hormones regulate your ability to properly regulate foods in your body. I brought this up with my western doctor (I say this because I have seen naturalpaths also but they became very expensive) and she said that she could not refute what i was saying! All she said was “your right”!!!! I told her not to try and put me on any meds because I do not want anything else in my body that could potentially upset things further. CUT OUT THE REFINED SUGARS AND GLUTEN FIRST. I promise, those cystic huge triple headers that can totally ruin your life will become smaller. Then cut out the diary. Make sure you have regular bowl movements. Ground flax is fabulous in a smoothie. And to put a positive spin on things: mother nature is telling us something is wrong, we’re the first to know, who knows what is festering in everyone else’s bodies. Our skin is telling us something is wrong inside. I have found vitamin B helps a lot too. Keep on trucking people. As for me? Is my acne gone. Not quite. It was so bad for so long that if i even have just a little milk in mashed potatoes, it sets it off. Eat at home and make sure to have snacks on you at all times. I’m almost there. I’d say 80% better. I hope this helps. I can’t believe that this website didn’t try to sell me something. Absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you!

lucy @ 7:56 pm #

First website that I have come across,that isn’t a pharmaceutical one, that questions the snake-oil candida salesmen (Really? Just eat twigs and sand… forever… but not together… with testimonials from people who have been on this regime for 8 yrs and “somedays feel mildly better”? How do I jump this wheezing queue???), so very impressed so far.
My query is this: My skin problems have been vast and chronic.
My father has coeliac disease and I had an intestinal biopsy aged about 12/13 for the same. it must of come up negative then (medical personnel don’t really involve you in the messy problem of results/explanations at that age I find.) however my problems have persisted and to be frank have blighted my life.
The question of allergies, malabsorption and intestinal damage feels unresolved.
I would like to be comprehensively checked for allergy issues but have been stung before (I don’t wish to offend if this is seen as legit but i have held suspect ‘allergens’ while a “nutritionist” evaluated my ‘electro-responses’ on a geiger-counteresque piece of gizmo.).
So, to cut to the chase… How can we find and trust people who will comprehensively and competently test our allergic responses and indeed any deficiencies or toxicities that may need rectifying without, metaphorically, leaving our purses open at a bus-stop.
I need to trust in the answers I will be given.
I don’t know where to start (by the way, I am in England and don’t have health insurance. We DO have the NHS but I don’t know what they would cover.).

jgirl @ 4:57 pm #

I developed acne AND eczema on my face in my 30′s. It’s very tricky to find a skin care that doesn’t aggravate one or the other. And my skin is obviously always extremely dry and inflamed especially with breakouts on my forehead. I too have changed my diet and have gone to a naturopathic doctor for months but it seems once it starts clearing up,and it’s never completely, just over night my entire face will get inflamed all over again. The stress thing is definitely a big factor in my life too. I was wondering if you think everything you talk about to clear up acne could clear up eczema too?

AdultAcne @ 2:47 am #

I have used topical vitamin-c and topical vitamin-e for a long time with great results on eczema. When I am not using the above listed products I will break out into a huge rash of eczema on my back and arms. I also use laundry cleaner that is totally natural and completely green. I think a lot of my eczema comes from being very sensitive toxins in laundry products. Any “regular” creams make me break out too.

Francisca Bannerman @ 7:30 pm #

My name is Francisca Bannerman from Ghana. I am 26 years and i still have acne on my face. i have tried everything from expensive facials and over the counter acne medications which have not helped. i also used grind garlic on my face as a website suggested and got my face burned. A friend suggested not to use any cream on my face? what do i do.

Paula @ 7:00 pm #

Your flyer about your book says it will answer questions like this one: “Why using many of the common acne treatments with chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tea tree oil can actually make it harder to get clear?” But you recommend Clear Skin Max, which uses tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients. I don’t understand.

fay @ 9:54 am #

Hi, I am 36 yrs of age and suffer badly with cystic acne, I have a 14 moth old baby and my acne has come back , prior to falling pregnant I was vegan and gluten free and my skin was good, I am now breastfeeding and intend to continue for another year so I fear If i stop eating certain foods I will deprive my baby and she is number 1, I do avoid cheese, milk and butter and even soy products as I have been advised by many that this is not good for my breastmilk. I will again avoid gluten products. The carb issue stresses me,do i need to stop all carbs even if they dont have gluten? I have a chinese doctor who advises me to keep away from food that is heating such as chicken, beef, tropical fruits, dairy, spices and to eat cooling foods such as bananas, pairs, pepermint tea and even yoghurt, its know its dairy!!! i tried proactive for the first time and have brocken out even worse….. my major concern is breastfeeding my baby, can you advise me, i am at a point where i dont want to face the public because of the way i look.

Lodo @ 10:08 pm #

Hi Seppo, I wonder if you can help me at all?

Basically, I had acne about 2 years ago, I eventually had a course if accutane which lasted 9 months. After finishing the treatment I was fine for around 6 months, but after that I noticed I developed an intolerance to any sort of sugar.

It has got progressively worse over time, to the point where i avoid all sugar at all costs, no sweets, no fruit juice, no cake, or anything that contains any form of sugar. I’ve changed my lifestyle over the last year to be healthier, I eat a bowl of granola every single day for breakfast, and eat at least 5 a day in bananas/apples, I try to cut out bread and oil where possible. I also run long distances daily to keep fit. Oh and i also try to drink +1 litres of water a day.

I use the clear skin max product daily (have been for about 3 months), but recently it seems like my skin is going backwards, over the past month my skin has started to get rapidly greasy as the day goes on, by the time I get home from work my skin is greasy and starting to show the usual swelled spots (they range from normal spots, spots in clusters, large spots in my hair and on my back).

I completed a marathon bike ride a few weeks back but had to consume 4 energy bars in order to keep my energy up, to my dismay I developed a horrific spot outbreak on my upper face (around 10 large swollen spots).

Any idea what is going on with my body? I feel like I’ve tried everything! My body really doesn’t appreciat any creams, gels or washes. I’ve spoken to my doctor and he basically just said “the body does things we dont understand” and then continue on to tell me I shouldn’t worry about it (I wish I could!)

Thanks, Lodo

Lodo @ 4:45 pm #

Thanks Seppo, I’ve booked an appointment with an allergen nurse to have all the usual checks done, but I’m especially interested in seeing the results of the sucrose test.

If they can’t find anything immediately obvious maybe they can refer me to another derm or someone who might have some clue as to what is going on. The worst part of the whole process is that the spots are getting worse, and I know the more I worry the worse they get. The old vicious acne cycle!

It also irritates me how my GP basically implies I am over reacting, he’s not the one who has to fear eating the wrong food all the time.

I’ll post some results if anything good comes of it.

Thanks again,

May @ 10:40 pm #

I have adult acne moderate to severe with an olive oily completion. I have tried many products. Right now I am trying exposed skin care. It took about two months for all the active breakouts to clear. I have been drinking yogi detox tea everyday and staying clear of oily fried foods and sugars. I switched from soy milk to almond milk and currently only take zinc, mulitvitamins and evening primrose. I found that the only thing that really made a huge difference with my breakouts is if I do a clay mask once a week and if I do a 35% glycolic acid treatment once every two weeks ( i bought mine on amazon and follow the directions). My face has no active breakouts right now. I also bought a lighted 3x mirror and a professional tool to extract pimples. I can now see the clogged pores before they become inflamed and major pimples. I use antibacterial gel to clean the tool each time I use it on my face.

fini @ 4:08 pm #

No my love, this website is a joke. an advertisement for BIG-pharma that has no concept of what natural is. I suggest getting a potato and a few lemons. cut a chunk of potato wipe infected area. wash. apply a piece of cut lemon. morning and night. the lemon will kill the bacteria causing you to break out. the potato cuts down on oil. I know there is a lack of real help on here and they have domonically demonized natural in the title, but keep searching honey, avacado, healthy grains, lental soup is mental fruit. find what is natural and strenghten yourself fight against this capitalistic mantality that cure comes from prescriptions. be careful what you put into your temple. you are here to love what we are given. learn what is natural. keep pushing and stengthen yourself with knowledge. I love you

Kate @ 4:00 pm #

You’re still breaking out, because you need to cut out fruit.

nadya @ 4:26 pm #

A Vega test conducted by a reputable Naturopath is really good for identifying food sensitivites and intolerances. I had it done and it was quite helpful.

Tom @ 8:09 pm #

You mentioend that you work out vigorously – That could be your problem. I used to workout hard with weights and always broke out bad the next three days. I read that working out hard releases cortisole and other stress hormones. I reduced my workout and my face looks much better (my body looks worse – but who cares). Also, try taking a B-5 vitamin (Pantothenci acid). It’s hard to find since the local drug stores don’t carry it for some reason, but GNC does. I beleive it has worked wonders for me. Also, reduce your salt intake, Iodine is known to cause zits, as is Biotin. One more thing, try washing your face with Cetaphyl. It worked for me. Good Luck. I suffer from zits too and I occasionaly have to steal some of my wife’s makeup.

Jaden @ 5:56 pm #

@Seppo: I’m a 24 year old male whose tried everything except accutane. I’m from the UK and my GP wont allow me to see a derm or go on accutane because he says my acne isn’t too bad. Last year I tried the 3 day acne fast by chris gibson. It was challenging but i was willing to try anything to beat my acne which i have had for more than 10 years. To be honest, I stuck to the diet eating apples and drinking water, even doing an enema every night for three days. At the end of the three days, I broke my diet by having a drink with some of my friends. Yes, i know i wasn’t supposed to but i didnn’t think that such a small thing could ruin everything if it was supposed to be the real trick. Anyways, the end result was that nothing happened. All i did was lose 7 pounds (which isn’t really a good thing because I’m a pretty skinny person and a hard gainer). I was really dissapointed because i felt that I was just going to have to live with acne until it got replaced by wrinkles. I went back on minocycline as prescribed by my GP and drank water. I have the type of acne which is a everlong rash paired with one or two pimples. Anyways, something interesting happend. I was doing a university project and travelled to Sierra Leone in Africa for about a month. I forgot my medication and was thinking that I was going to suffer a serious break out. But suprisingly, even though I wasn’t taking pills or using some sort of a cleanser, my acne didn’t get particularly worse. I just had the same rash and occasional pimple. I don’t know if it was the change of diet, or type of food i was having there (i didn’t even fast), but for the first time in ten years, there was no desperate need to have acne pills or cleansers. I’ve been off any sort of remedy for about a year now but I still have a rash and pimples here and there. I don’t have any particular diet but I’m planning one. You see, i started thinking, if my face doesn’t break out particularly bad when I’m off any sort of medication. There must be some internal way of getting rid of this acne and rash permanently without using cleansers. Mind you, i’ve had the same rash for 10 years so my face has never been spotless. I read in a biography that Michael Jackson cleared his early-adult acne by going on a serious detox. The author said that it was the reason he used to be extremly thin in the thriller days. Anywayays, although the 3-day-acne diet detox didn’t do much for me. I’m considering going on it for again and sticking to some sort of a diet with little sugar. I also can’t insist that I’ll stick to a strict diet forver. Let’s be real, someone can’t stick to apples, no sugar and soda forever. I’m not saying that a regular diet won’t help, but most of my friends feast on ice-cream, sugars, meat and beers and remain practically spotless. I was wondering if the 3-day acne fast, paired with a regular diet clean of sugars and wheat is likely to help remove the root cause of my acne and clear this annoying rash once and for all. I wouldn’t mind if I had to do it like twice a year. Chris Gibson’s theory is that adult acne’s caused by candida. It makes sense that there’s some sort of feature which is higher in a person with adult acne than one without adult acne because it seems we (acne-sufferers) are very sensitve to sugary foods where as other people can live off them without getting a pimple.

Julia @ 10:56 am #

Hi Seppo,

I have just briefly read over your site and found it very interesting and belieable, so much that I would like to look at following a new diet, but feel completely confused- where to begin!… All the do’s and don’ts get extremely confusing, as they are written in separate paragraphs, with massive amounts of information. Is it possible to see a simple and complete list of foods ‘to eat’ and ‘foods not to’- so that I have a shopping list to create recipes from, or even some meal suggestions so that I am not mixing the foods incorrectly?

Also, how does one go about testing for allergies, without paying a fortune? I have had a blood test for allergies once with my GP and all that showed up was an allergy to Pollen- this was not very accurate, as I am actually allergic to Peanuts and Dust.


Michael @ 12:30 am #

Hello,thank you very much for creating this wonderful website.
I wanted to ask you a few questions if possible,since u seem like an expert.
I am 17 years old,I have acne… well lets say its above severe,I could call it deadly.
I have acne all over my face,except for on my nose…when i don’t get a breakout the whole face is full of acne,and when i do get one it seems like some of them combine into huge red pimples,don’t know how to even call them.
I have tried diets,creams,i even took accutane for a year,it helped…but it did not clean my face of acne,its stayed above severe and i am feeling hopeless.
Right now im looking for pills or creams that might solve my problem,im thinking about ordering a kit in order to try something new,since i live in Israel its even harder to find anything.
This acne damages my life…its hard for me to get close to people as i should and i don’t know what to do.
What do you think should i do?

Lisa @ 7:29 pm #

I’ve had acne since I was 13, I am now 48. I have tried EVERYTHING. The best thing that helped was giving up dairy, within a week my skin was 50% better but it’s still not great. I don’t eat any wheat either as I know this affects me. I am going to the doctors again tomorrow to see what they can offer me this time, I don’t want to be a pest but after 35 years I am a bit fed up with this. The spots are joining up with the lines and it won’t be long before I’ll be able to join the dots.

crawford @ 7:31 am #

i have been eating a healthy diet for about 4 years now. I am a 15 year old boy . I eat practically no sugar, no chocolate, mostly organic, and drink little amounts of goat milk instead of cow milk. I don’t worry or stress about what i eat, i love eating healthy. I have an addiction to water, so i drink at least 8 glasses a day. I have recently started exercising on a regular basis, and shower every 1-2 days. I never touch my face , only the bottom of my chin , and i touch my bangs a lot. but i get acne on my forehead, on my chin & above my lips. I don’t really stress about my acne, but i would love to get rid of it. My sleeping habbits aren’t so great, i go to bed at around 1-5 am every night.. not sure if that has an effect My sister used this organic shampoo on her face, and it cleared her acne in less than a week. But it doesn’t have the same affect on me . what can i do to clear my acne ? thanks

shanice @ 11:40 am #

where can i order ur book from “clear for life”… cos am having problems with that since i live all the way in Finland. I think and hope ur book will b loads of help in helping to clear my acne…

Collaeyn @ 4:01 pm #

I went to an acupuncturist for help treating my adult acne. There are some Chinese herbs that can help with it quite a bit, and the acupuncture treatments focused on balancing hormones which has a lot to do with breakouts, particularly for women. Most people don’t think about acupuncture for skin conditions but I highly recommend anyone suffering from Acne give it a try. But like Seppo says, cleaning up my diet did the most to help my skin. Now I am trying to find those last few dietary triggers to keep my skin clear, since I want to maintain my skin without the herbal supplements.

oliver @ 3:00 am #

I have had acne since puberty and it went really worst in my early 20s then i started to use proactiv and i get better little but they never go away, always come back every week and stress me out. im almost 30now and still having this issue. could this be genetics? cuz my mom told me that she had the same problem untill early 30s… i m not fat, im very fit and muscular, always exercise, workout everyday… i started to or atleast tried to eat healthier few months ago. but still not much change. few things i notice… if the weather is too hot i got break outs.. like no control whatsoever untill the weather/heat go down. I used to have really white skin face and consisdered good looking but sometimes because of this acne i didnt even went to go out. i want to get rid of this once and for all >..<

Sonja @ 4:35 pm #

Hi Seppo

I’ve been battling acne on and off for over 20 years, spent a fortune on dermatologists etc. What really helped were once monthly facials with a beautician specialised in acne treatments and NO PICKING at my face. (keeping those fingernails short to the quick) Interesting was a diagnosis I once had, doc said my pores were inverted V-shape instead of V-shape which makes them clog up more easily, hereditary. Anyway, I have tried vegetarian / no gluten / no dairy etc. lost weight and worked out a lot with the result that over the years my skin has cleared up quite well. The big surprise however was my first pregnancy, clear skin for 8 months after an intial severe outbreak before I even noticed I was pregnant. This lasted until I weaned the baby. Was it a fluke? My second pregnancy confirmed it, same effect. 15 months after giving birth and still breast feeding I just had my first break out. I don’t want to say dietary changes don’t help, but throughout both pregancies I ate a healthly but traditionally balanced diet – why did my skin get so much better? My point is, obviously for me acne has more to do with hormones than anything else. Thank you for your site.

John @ 9:29 am #

Interesting information. I have not had bad acne but there is one thing that ALWAYS gives me zits, eating too much saturated fat. If I stay away from all fried foods and other foods high in saturate fats I am fine, but whenever I make an exception zits are the result. Perhaps this fits your hypothesis somehow.

Ericka @ 12:06 am #

Everyone is diffrent and needs to be aware of their need. For example Kat might need a more protein in her diet. She needs to find out what she needs in nutrition and balance that. Once you are aware & are balancing your diet based on your body type needs you can then see what you need to do next. Us Seppo’s guide as a general guide. Meaning once you know what is balance for you, you can then see what your progress is and take on another problem. One thing at a time is the best way. That is what Doctors mean by a practice…

patrick @ 8:51 am #

@seppo, i always exposed under the sun because i’m an athlete, how can i prevent acne and remove those acne dark marks? i tried putting acne medication but i stopped because i think it makes it worst. for now i avoid eating oily food, especially fried foods. and i eat more on fruits and vegetables. can you give me some advice? thank you. :)

heidi @ 7:06 pm #

Hey, i just wanted to say thank you for this information! I’m not an adult yet, but this will help me. I’m already doing a lot of these things. The eating fruit until noon, not eating a big dinner, and limiting pollutions and toxins are great tips for me. Thank you and God bless!

Lucy @ 8:03 pm #

Hi Found the article interesting. I’ve just been told I’ve Adult Acne and it is really pulled th rug out from under me. I went through my teenage years with perfectly clear skin & up until 6monts ago had very little problems. The condition has only flared very badly in the last 2monhs as I have been living abroad. But the thing is I haven’t had a drastic alteration in eating habits etc.. I don’t understand where it has come from. Granted it is not as bad as some of the people on here but its heading that way. Started precription medication to control it, but will this work????

bala @ 5:16 pm #

I’m one among those having pimples all the time below my mouth. I have observed that it will get reduced for some time when i take MINOZ OD 100mg tablet for continously 3 days or so…this tablet is an antibiotic. I’m afraid to take this antibiotic continously due to side why i get pimples? what should i do to avoid this?

Eliza Williamson @ 2:51 pm #

Thank you Seppo for your amazing contribution! Clear For Life explains acne from all angles in a way that anyone can understand. I have tried almost every possible treatment for my skin but never really understood that I might be the one holding myself back from actually healing. Thank you again! I will tell any and every acne sufferer I come in contact with to read your book!

Janielle @ 4:03 am #


Marianne @ 8:28 pm #


I have been reading about how acne can be a big bandit in causing acne. I was wondering if Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) has the same effect as milk on acne, or if it should be ok us who suffer acne? What other protein supplement would you recommend if WPI is a bad idea to take.


Cat @ 6:21 am #

I guess you don’t have your book available on kindle. Would be great if it is. anyways, I am willing to give this a try and since I’m already living a moderately healthy life, it wouldn’t be so difficult. Only thing is, I heard it’s nearly impossible to sleep early or sleep at all once I go to art school and I always crave sugar when I lack sleep. anyways, I’ve had acne since I was in elementary school, tried many products including regimen, and finally, at the age of 18, am convinced that acne is indeed linked with lifestyle. I’m kind of surprised at how people are despaired by their acne. I’ve had it for so long, it’s nothing more than an annoyance to me haha. still, would be better without it. Make your book available on kindle pleaseeee!

p.s. I enjoyed your dramatic appearance on the forum after everyone calling out your book as a scam.

Steve @ 8:40 am #

@amanda: Amanda where to you get the pills?

Izzy @ 10:48 am #

I am 21 years old, when i was 16 my skin started breaking out with inflammatory acne. It really knocked my confidence, so after visiting the doctor i was put on a topical solution and on contraceptive pills to clear it. This worked amazingly and I was so happy with the results.However in the past 4 months my skin has gone back to how it was at 16, although this time much worse.

My confidence has hit rock bottom now, it is affecting all aspects of my life. I am no longer able to go out with friends or date. I find as many excuses as possible to avoid public places. Even my work is suffering, I know longer have any motivation and cant stand people looking at me. I am feeling really depressed and cannot seem to clear my skin.

I have cut out sugars and greasy foods. I eat pretty healthily and have been on different treatments. I was on Tetralysal, however it did not seem to improve my skin. I have recently been put on Eryhtomycin which has caused a few side affects, but I dont want to stop taking it if it might clear up my skin. I use benzyol peroxide wash, vichy and salcura.

I dont know what to do anymore. I am losing all hope as each day I wake up feeling lower.

Sarah @ 5:46 am #

I am 21years of age with pimples all over ma face. It comes on and goes but cant really tell how often it is because even right now it’s appeared all over my face but i think i can liken it to a stress factor of someone upsetting me yesterday. I’m a Nigerian,neither dark nor fair complexioned but would really wanna be encouraged on how fruits and vegetables could have a vast effect at improving the smoothness of my face. What you’d suggest i’d use and even in general,the right cosmetic both for face and body because i wouldn’t wanna use anything on my face that would be different from my body as that has been my modus operandi but would not want that anymore

jonathan @ 9:40 pm #

I’ve had acne since i was about 12…..when it began it just seemed like the normal teenage acne….nothing serious or too overwhelming. it did cover my face but i was assured enough that it would go away. And away it went in a year. Strangely when i hit 13 and went onto 14 my acne exploded in a way that i could not manage. From the information on stress relating to acne one could say that it was connected to my home life. I was very depressed and stressed in my teen years mainly from my parents marriage(s). Without tellling my whole life story i’ll just say that i had things rough without a doubt. My family went through things that are not normal regarding drugs, alcholism, abuse, and hospitals and clinics etc. This went on until i was 18. My acne continued to be terrible. I had very painful cysts on the lower portions of my face. This finally caused my parents to notice me and get me help so i was put on accutane for 2 months i believe. And additionally i was given painful laser treatments. It didn’t worsen my acne…..but after the cysts cleared nothing really changed. I’m now just turning 21 and things are continuing as normal. I don’t have cysts thank god….but i’ve never had a clear face since i was 12. I would like to have clear skin again. I’m eating healthier and exercising. I eat more plant-based protein than red meats. So for the last 3 months i’ve been doing this, but nothing seems to affect my acne. Recently i went camping for 2 days and drank beer for the first time. I’ve had such a sudden breakout since then. I’m currently not stressed about it (cuz i’m isolating myself till it clears up) but Its all over my face now and i don’t really want to be seen. So i’m just continuing to eat healthy and wash my face with some arbonne face wash. What should i try now?

jonathan @ 2:25 am #

@Seppo: hmmm thank you very much……..fermented foods…never heard it put that way. The only terms my mind is set on lately are “organic” and “plant” haha. p.s. i’m hoping to go all out on the gerson therapy diet… is more correct cuz it requires you to be away from certain products and daily use items that contaminate us with every exposure. i want to expel lots of toxins that i suspect are in me. I think it should help with my acne for sure. This last week was just ridiculous cuz i’ve never broken out so severely and so quickly….it took 3-4 days for the front of my face to be just sooooooo covered in painful irritating acne even though i washed my face with cerave every night. this i hope is my last try at finding something that works for my acne…..i will see. I really appreciate you trying to give me advice regarding diet. I will welcome any suggestions as i believe it truly affects almost every aspect of our well-being, and its one of the best ways to combat syndromes and conditions with the body.

jenna @ 5:05 am #

It’s ridiculous to tell people to cut out carbs. Carbohydrates are what provide your body with energy. Sure, you may not have some acne, but you can develop ketosis and a whole boat load of other problems! Everything should be consumed in moderation. Without proper amounts of carbohydrates, you can actually experience mood swings, which can lead to more acne! That being said, you should be eating complex carbs, rather than simple (whole wheat/ whole grain instead of white breads and pastas).

Michele N. @ 1:56 am #

Seppo, I came across your website while searching for info on the link between acne and gluten. Like many of the subscribers here, I am at my wit’s end. I am in my 30′s and my acne is worse now than it’s ever been. I had minor acne as an adolescent (surprisingly so since my mother suffered from severe cystic acne). Like most on this site I have been on every medication, tried every topical, used accutane and enjoyed the results for only about a year. My lifestyle is healthy, I cook all my food, rarely eat packaged food or takeout, run, do yoga, and have great friends. However, my skin is oilier than a greased frying pan (in addition to increased facial hair and thinning of the hair on my head). I’ve seen a naturopath for years and no labs or bloodwork screamed with an answer. My cortisol was only slightly elevated. I’m contemplating doing a gluten-free diet. But after coming across your site I’d like your advice. Where should I start? I am so tired of having to hide my face.

Michele N. @ 12:41 am #

@Seppo: thank you very much for your help. i will certainly read your posts on hormonal acne. and other than limiting carbohydrates, do you have any other recommendations?

brian @ 1:40 am #

@Shannon: try aubrey organics products for acne prone skin. they worked wonders for me, and i am 32 with acne. all the products they sell are all natural. i wish you the best of luck my friend

Julia @ 5:28 pm #

Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Bronner’s soaps? specifically the Tea Tree. Perhaps Seppo, you have some advice. Thanks.

MamaLolly @ 7:53 pm #

I’ve had acne problems since I was 12, I’m twenty now and still have the same problems yet worse. I will give this a go and see how it works; hopefully now I have found a way to get rid of this once and for all!

Tom Feldmann @ 4:07 pm #

@Seppo: To Bruno: Wow. Reading about your condition and feelings toward your acne was like looking in a mirror. I’m 45 years old & have been dealing with this crap for at least 33 years. I’ve tried nearly everything you have. I was so desperate I even gave accutane a whirl, but had to quit because of the side effects like retinopathy, and severe muscle fatigue & cramps. If you find anything that greatly works for you, please let me know!

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