How long it takes to cure acne?


How long does it take to get clear?

If I could get a penny every time someone asks that from me… Let’s see if we can find an answer to that, because it’s probably also on your mind.

First I want to point out that you’ve been working hard to create acne. It takes lots of effort to cause acne. You have to eat foods that make you feel bad (at least used to make), you have to feel tired, stressed out and have all these negative feelings.

I’m not being sarcastic here. I just want you to understand that you’ve put lot of time, effort and energy into this. Most likely it took more than 15 years of continuously destroying your health until it started to crack and you got acne.

Recovery of health and getting clear is the reversal of that process. I’m talking about erasing the root cause of acne , not just treating symptoms with drugs, creams or supplements.

Let’s take an example here and put this into perspective. Let’s say you started to cure your acne and build your health. And you’ve been really good for a month. You’ve dedicated yourself to the six elements of health and have never slipped. You’ve been perfect. I’m also going assume you are 25 years old, just so I can put some concrete numbers in front of you.

So you’ve been creating acne for 25 years. 25 years is 300 months. And you’ve been creating health (and clear skin) for 1 month.

To drive the point home take a look at the picture below. Can you see the little dot on the left? You may have to click the image to make it bigger so you can actually see it. That’s how long you’ve been curing acne. The gigantic ball on the right is how long you’ve been creating acne.

How long it takes to cure acne

Can you see the unrealistic expectations you place on yourself and on your body if you expect to reverse 300 months of unhealthy living in one month?

I’m overstating this a bit since your body is fixing the damage all the time, but the basic premise still holds.

We’ve been hypnotized by modern medicine and dermatologists to thinking we can fix our problems in a flash. Just by taking a simple pill. However it’s important to keep in mind that little pill didn’t take care of the problem. It only masked the symptoms for a while and created the illusion you’ve solved the problem. You only need to think how many times and how soon your acne came back after you’ve stopped taking those little pills.

Another point that’s important to understand is that once you start building health your body is going to attend the most urgent demands first. This may not include curing acne. You have to trust your body. It knows what it needs to do first. Sooner or later it will start curing your acne also.

Now that the preface is out of the way let’s get some concrete numbers from experience.

In my experience here’s what you can expect. During the first week you can expect to feel more energized and happier. You may notice some improvement on your skin also, but don’t hold your breath. During the second week many people start to see improvements on their skin also. Pimples fade faster and new ones are not coming so often. Third week you should already have much more energy than when you started and your skin continues to improve. By the end of fourth week your skin should already look much better.

I’m assuming here that you focus on all 6 elements of health. Just focusing on a single element, such as diet, is often not enough. Health and clear skin demand balance.

If you haven’t noticed any improvements by the end of fourth week it may be time to take a look at what you are doing. Maybe there’s something you’ve overlooked. Examine your six elements of health again. Or it may be you just need to give it more time. Often chemical and heavy metal pollution takes time to clear. Those are serious poisons that may prevent your from curing acne.

Just remember that as long as you are feeling better and happier and have more energy you are doing the right things. You are moving to the right direction and sooner or later your acne will be gone.

Just hang on there.

If all this seems like too much effort and takes too much time, you may not be ready for it yet. In your case it might be better to look at treating the symptoms.

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Comments on How long it takes to cure acne? Leave a Comment

Odette @ 11:30 am #

Don’t expect miracles!

I agree with what you said, we should not expect miracles, it requires hard constant work. I know for a fact when I am exercising the breakout are fewer and clear up faster.


Yes, instant gratification is clear skin enemy number one. Patience, positive attitude and little bit hard work pays off in the end.

Anonymous @ 11:31 am #

Good article. Puts expectations into perspective about building health and that building process takes time. On that note lets all keep on building one day at a time

Todd @ 11:13 am #

I’m sorry, but this is rubbish. You deliberately make acne patients feel bad. That’ll only make it worse.
You know damn well that that 1 month of healing is pure healing, and those 300 months of damage aren’t the opposite at all. People constantly take care of themselves, but a small error in diets can cause acne over 300 months. You can cure that error in 1 month.

Skin takes 28-35 days to renew, so if you manage to stop new breakouts, it’ll take no more than 5 weeks to be completely clear. Then, you may have some reddish marks. Those will fade over time, but aren’t that big of a deal.

That’s what people have to expect : decent skin in a month, great skin in 3 months.

Julie @ 8:19 am #

I do agree that it takes more then just eating healthy to have clear skin. I eat VERY HEALTHY and I still have acne. I have eliminated Dairy, wheat, all process sugar and simple carbs out of my diet. I still have acne probably due to stress, poor sleeping habits, unbalance hormones, poor digestion and other factors that I may not know yet. So yes I do agree that acne can not be cured by a quick fix, it takes awhile to balance, and heal yourself.


Good points Julie.

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of other lifestyle factors. They believe that if they just eat healthy they’ll be fine.

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people who have first told me that their skin is still bad despite their almost perfect diet. Then when they make changes in the weak links in their lifestyle their skins start to get better.

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