Can 3 Day Apple Diet Cure Acne?


Acne Free in 3 Days is one of the best-selling acne books on the market. The secret to this method is a 3 day apple diet. The author, Chris Gibson, claims that eating apples for 3 days can permanently cure your acne. Going on a short apple diet, or apple detox, can help with your skin, however it’s a far cry from being a permanent cure to acne. In this article we’ll look at what a 3 day apple diet can do for acne, what it cannot do, and whether you should consider it as a treatment option.

Apple diet? What is it, really?

3 Day apple diet is what it says. You eat apples and nothing but apples for 3 days.

How can it help me to get clear?

Eating nothing but apples for 3 days sounds weird, but it can actually help your skin. Fasting has been used for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Fasting gives your body time to detoxify and focus on repair and maintenance work. This can help it to function better, reduce inflammation and balance hormone levels – all of which can show up on your skin. An apple diet is a form of fasting, though not as rigid as water fasting is.

When you eat nothing but calories this automatically reduces your caloric intake. Eating fewer calories is shown to help with insulin resistance and cool down chronic inflammation, the two main causes behind chronic acne.

Furthermore, some foods are known to trigger acne. Going on an apple fast eliminates these foods from your diet (given that you are not allergic to apples), and that is going to help with acne.

As you can see, a short apple diet can help your skin, but can it harm you?

Is it dangerous?

Some people are concerned that they starve if they eat nothing but apples for 3 days. The human body is designed to survive through lean periods. In fact it’s the only way our ancestors survived. The body has reserves it can draw from, and these include proteins (in form of amino acids), vitamins and minerals. Each of us carries enough fat to survive for weeks (if you are very lean) or even months without any food intake.

Other people are concerned about muscle loss. However experiments have shown that the human body burns muscle as fuel only as a last resort (and this means extreme starvation when most of your fat reserves have been burnt, this happens only after weeks or months of total starvation). For most people a 3 day apple diet has no effect on their muscles.

For healthy people a short apple diet should have no harmful effects, and thousands of people all around the world use this healing method every day. However, as with anything to do with your health, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor.

What can you realistically expect

Though a short apple fast can help your skin, it’s not a guaranteed miracle cure. And how it affects the skin is anything but universal. Going on an apple fast puts the body into a detox mode, and often these toxins are expelled through the skin. As they pass through the skin they can irritate it and lead to further breakouts. However, this is only temporary and the skin will usually settle down after a few days.

On the other hand, some people report significant clearing of the skin within a few days of starting the apple diet. What happens for you depends on how your skin reacts to the changes that take place during the apple fast.

Acne Free in 3 Days claims that this method is a permanent cure to acne. Physiologically this is impossible. Though a 3 day apple diet helps acne it does so only temporarily. When you go back to your old diet and lifestyle, insulin resistance and chronic inflammation start coming back, and acne along with them. Permanent relief from acne demands permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle. No 3 days quick-fix can do that.

Should you try it?

All said and done 3 days apple diet is a valuable tool against acne. It attacks the two root causes of acne, insulin resistance and chronic inflammation, and thus can bring about quick improvements on your skin. On the other hand it’s not the end-all-be-all-acne cure. For the results to last you have to support them with healthy diet and lifestyle that keeps insulin resistance and inflammation under control.

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Comments on Can 3 Day Apple Diet Cure Acne? Leave a Comment

angie @ 1:37 pm #

Did anyone go on this apple diet for 3 days? How was it?

shanelle @ 6:04 am #

I would love to try this! I must say, this website has been rather informative. I am going to spread the word about this tomorrow. Keep the info coming, we need this!

Kyra @ 11:11 am #

Wow – I’ve been looking around trying to find out what the Acne Free In 3 Days diet was, and I’m so surprised to hear it’s just apples! I definitely agree it’s not a complete cure, but the occasional detox is beneficial. I might try this out in the New Year..

Krystina @ 2:36 pm #

I did this last year and while I didn’t see results immediately, I have to admit that after a few months my acne cleared up very nicely. I’m starting this again as he says it’s good to do this cleanse every so often (some as often as every 3 months) but I figure once a year is good.

It’s hard for sure to eat nothing but apples for 3 days, but not as hard as you might think. Oh, and losing a few pounds is a nice side effect:)

Jade @ 12:04 pm #

Thankyou so much for this website, its incredibly helpful and I’ve used it to back myself up to people who don’t believe me that diet causes acne! I’ve been put on a no carb, no sugar (only 1 piece of fruit a day), no dairy, no sat fat diet for the next month to try and clear my acne (due to insulin resistance)… however I have a huge appetite and this has left me eating nothing but mixed veggies and seeds and nuts and I’m absolutely starving. Do you have any suggestions of foods that would be healthy, high cal to stop me losing weight and fill me up without inducing the insulin response? What kind of foods did you find helpful? Thanks!

Gen @ 6:52 pm #

im starting the apple diet today.. my acne isnt that bad but i want to get rid of it, i hope it helps body acne too….

PRERAK @ 7:43 am #

Does this Apple diet really helps in clearing spots and bumps from face..??

Ronny @ 3:38 pm #

I am on this diet right now.. i wanted to know if the enema thing is necessary! Will it work without it, because i just dont want to do that, as its gross! And after the three days, what should i be eating?

Ronny @ 10:49 am #

@Seppo: Thank you soo much!!! i completed the diet yesterday! I have a bit more acne now but overall my body feels good! :-)
Could you please tell me if there is anything specific i should be taking after this?

Jessika @ 12:23 pm #

Hi there. I had acne really bad all over my face. It’s was shocking and made me so depressed. I tried everything from the going on the pil, to different prescribed medication and topical treatments, everything I could possibly think of. Until one day I heard of the 3 day apple fast and I was desperate and thought what the hell I have nothing to lose. So I did the apple fast eating notthing but organic apples all day whenever I got hungry and drank at least 4 litres of water a day. I know it’s gross but the pectin in the apples collects all toxins in your body and need to get outta there so at the end of everyday I used an enema for the 3 days. And to cut a long story short, after months of trying every thing and anything the next week my acne was as good as gone, then a few days after that it was gone and I have never looked back! It is so important to do the full 72 hours an have NOTHING else but apples and water! Hope this helps :)

tiffany @ 4:33 pm #

What is anema ?

Jessika @ 10:25 am #

It’s vital that u use an emema at the end of each day of the apple fast to get rid of all the toxins that the pectin the apples collects and get them out :)

Temitope @ 4:18 pm #

Does apple have any side-effect on human body

alicia samlal @ 9:35 pm #

does apple really work. is it good for clearing marks on skin

Jessika @ 10:15 pm #

Apples are really good for you they do no harm and this detox cleared my skin completely and I haven’t ha a problem since :)

*Jasmine @ 1:20 pm #

@ Jessika, you can also use pysllium husk, rather than enemas well at least that’s what my aunt said (she’s a doctor). Just to say…

*Jasmine @ 1:25 pm #

Oh, yeah, does this apple thing work for acne red marks? And you only have to eat apples and do enemas (or in my case drink pysllium husk), nothing else?

Jessika @ 9:49 pm #

Yes the pectin in the apples collect the toxins in the body and get flushed out (from the enema) drinking 4 l of water a day also flushes out toxins
Through the skin. Getting rid of toxins, bad trace elements and bad food we put into our bodies has to come out some how (which can be the skin) the best way is to remove anything not good through the bowel. It has to be done correctly though nothing but organic apples (at least 6-7 a day) plus liters of water a day (filtered water is best.) and removing it all out of your body at the end of each day by an enema (pysillium husk) and it must be full 72 hours. And once done don’t over indulge. Kick start your digestive system back up with a pear juice and slowly have little meals. Stay away from dairy!! And bad food. We are what we eat! As for the red marks, I did have them for a little while. They do eventually fade. I used lemon juice which is a Natural lightening agent and that helped fade them. But time is the main factor and a good makeup! :)

John @ 6:52 am #

Is apple juice part of the diet?

Jasmine @ 10:10 am #

thanx jessica, but how long did you have the acne marks? It’s been exactly, 60 hours since I didn’t eat anything but apppppplllleeess, and I don’t think anything changed (I just have more tiny acnes). Is it probably because I don’t have acne, I just have the red marks? I had some of these marks for a year! How long does it take to Completley get rid of acne marks with lemon juice??? (I don’t have severe acne, just whiteheads and sometimes pustules, is it normal that the marks won’t go away after a year???). And did you use the castor oil while you were “detoxifying”?

sandy @ 8:55 am #

@Jessika: Hi, I was wondering if you used enema at the end of the day ?

Aaron @ 6:32 pm #

@angie: I went on this diet about 4 years ago and haven’t had acne since. It was at the end of highschool when I didn’t know what else to do for all my acne. I have to note though that I also drank grape juice everyday in addition to eating apples, and I only ate red apples.

Jo @ 2:32 am #

How do u keep insulin resistance under control?! Are there any foods that can help and keep it under control and foods that don’t cause inflammation in skin?

katenie @ 5:37 pm #

Thanks for recommend. sound it will work for me.. I use to diet as apple all day one day and another 2 days.. it help me diet and feel good. Now I will plan to diet 3 day apples that will be perfect for me cause I always have red acne on my face.. after that I will let all know what’s happen..
but now RIP for father of Apple first — RIP Steve Job. he pass away today.

Ian @ 4:49 am #

Can I not use enema?

tsarsrule @ 10:14 pm #

im so desperate for my acne to clear, and to lose a few pounds does this diet actually work!!! i tried everything to get rid of my acne

Lisa @ 2:03 pm #

IF you already did it 5 times, is it safe to do another one for the 6th time?

milan @ 5:00 pm #

Im doing this right now, the first day was kinda hard but not really. i was just reallllllllyyyyy hungry. im on my seconds day and i feel really sick, if i see another apple im going to throw up. im at school and some girl in front of me is eating an apple..fml im bout to be sick. oh and you have to eat organic apples otherwise it doesnt work!!! and drink alot of water. good luck, you gonna have the worst 3 days of your life.

Donny @ 8:18 pm #

This apple fast diet is a lot fricken harder than it sounds you have to be prepared to be grumpy as hell and very hungry, apples do not quinch your hunger like regular foods, I was trying it and got to day 2 I was so hungry that I was actually getting sick and I was eating lots of apples! I’m going to keep drinking lots of water and start usuing apple cider vinegar because this diet is just to much, oh for this to “work” you need to administer an enema for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a tube that goes up your ass and pumps little but of water into your lower intestine to clean it out. I couldn’t work up the courage to shove a tube up my ass.

Aaliyah @ 5:33 am #

I am sooooooo thankful for who ever found out about this apple diet because I have been searching for a long time for something to clear up my acne. Im only 14 but I plan to get rid of ALL OF IT! and mine is not mild at all but its not really severe either, I just really don’t want to have to deal with it anymore. SOOOO Im gonna try the diet, I but I Know its gonna be hard!!

Nellie @ 5:59 am #

will it help if i add more apples into my diet?

Anastasia @ 12:28 am #

try to use Neutrogina tone corrector it worked for me oh and the dermae microderma abrasive stcrub, workes miracles @Jasmine:

Kevin @ 4:32 am #

Starting the apple diet tomorrow. Using organic apples. I have mild acne, but would like to have no flare ups. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Rachel @ 5:59 pm #

I actually went on this diet in 2010 I ate nothing but apples for 3 days and I didnt see much of a difference and I was starving! So I quit and I just began to eat again and my acne never changed it just stayed the same.GOSH I HATE ACNE!

Louise @ 7:08 am #

Want to start with this as soon as now, i am convinced but still shaking a bit since i very tried almost everything in my reach for 3 years now… Will share the results as soon as m done… Please God help me, m confused, depressed n out of options……

Farhan @ 10:36 pm #

Can you drink water aswell?

Jay @ 11:25 pm #

Can We drink Water While Were doing this????????????

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